Our Story

GNCSF was founded in 1999 by Darsen Singh Bilkhu who volunteered his time with several car rally fundraisers through UNICEF in Kenya, South Africa. After migrating to Canada with his family, his desire to bring the South Asian community together through the love of cars was strong. He saw that there were not many opportunities for South Asians to host events and come together as a community. He partnered up with the Toronto Auto Sports Club and the GNCSF Car Rally was born. GNCSF has hosted the first South Asian car rally and has continued the tradition each year with exception during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

As the community grew so did interest in the GNCSF Car Rally which became a family affair with games, food, and activities for all ages. GNCSF attracted additional volunteers, community collaboration and sponsorships and has over 40 volunteers who help organize and facilitate. In collaboration with both William Osler Health and Sick Kids Network, GNCSF was able to raise over a quarter of a million dollars for both health networks. The spirit of giving back, bringing the community together and selfless volunteerism has seen the organization take on new initiatives such as combating food insecurity, lack of health education, and elderly support through food drives, seminars and outreach.

GNCSF is proud to celebrate almost a quarter of a century being a part of the South Asian community in the Greater Toronto area and looks forward to continuing to spearhead these initiatives.