Community Cleanup

Community clean up days have become an increasingly popular way for people to give back to their local area or a place of special importance. On these days, individuals and groups come together to make a difference in the community by removing litter and waste, beautifying public spaces, and restoring green spaces and ecosystems. Citizens can take advantage of clean up days to help reach out to their local community members and collaborate with individuals as a way for people to come together to make a real difference.

It just takes a little effort from everyone involved to start making a difference.

Do you think a local park or area in your neighborhood needs a community cleanup day?

Send us an email at [email protected] and let’s work together to make our neighborhood a beautiful place to live.

If you want to volunteer with us and help make a change in your community, please click here to fill out our Youth Volunteer Form (Under 18) and click here for our Volunteer Form (18+).

Thank you!