Message from our Management Committee

Guru Nanak Community Services Foundation (GNCSF) of Canada has proudly been serving the community for over two decades. At GNCSF we are dedicated to addressing emerging issues within our community to meet the continuously evolving needs of our members. Using Sarbat Da Bhalaa, also known as ‘the well-being of all’, as a guiding principle GNCSF is committed to bringing awareness and providing support services to those in need.  

Over the years, we have brought together families and groups by hosting our Annual Car Rally for the last 24 years which includes lots of events, activities and things to do for all ages. We have used our reach, the graciousness of our community and the hard work of those dedicated to the cause to raise $250,000 for William Osler Hospital in Brampton, Ontario. The health of our community and the awareness of topics such as mental health and concerns faced by our aging community is of vital importance to GNCSF. We aim to bring this to the forefront and provide information and access to resources in the Post-COVID era. We are happy to announce, over the next few months, numerous initiatives and partnerships with other organizations to serve our community.

As we approach our 25 year anniversary, the management committee members strongly believe in giving back and building a stronger community rooted in diversity and inclusion for all. We look forward to engaging with, providing for and serving our local community for many years to come.