Our Mission

To educate, enrich, and protect the lives of individuals in our local communities who are suffering from hunger, language barriers, lack of resources or impacted by disasters by creating sustainable programs that can be accessed by all regardless of their color, creed, race, religion, gender or disability.

We believe that the development of socially conscious and progressive communities begins with a group of people who come together and make a commitment to gather and direct resources in selfless service (Seva) of all human beings to ensure the well-being of all (Sarbat da Bhalaa).

GNCSF endeavors to network with like-minded organizations to establish a strong network for our community to access resources, services and support in times of dire need.  With our help alongside the support of partner organizations, donors and volunteers, individuals and families can find hope, stability, and the resources to not only succeed, but also to grow and prosper.